TARGET Alekos Papadakis & Son SA, deals in the import and sales of hotel equipment in Crete since 1970 It covers a large part of the market in Crete with unique products. The best quality and service along with the excellent prices, have created the required conditions for the company to establish itself in the industry. The activities of the company cover all of Crete and at the same time the company holds continuous stock of 22.000 codes so it can cover immediately the needs of its customers. In 1993 a new branch opened in Rethymno in order to cover the needs of the market of the west Crete. In 2003 the company moved to new, self-owned property of 800 sq m in 78 Machis Kritis in Missiria. For 3 generations since 1992 TARGET offers the best service to its customers In 2002 our company along with other 3 established companies in the area of professional equipment, Paliouris - Rhodes, Fotiadis - Corfu, Kariotis - Thessaloniki, created HotelPlan which imports exclusively products for its members from all over the world and combines the activities in order to strengthen its partnership with local distributers.

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